October 28th, 2007

Dear Chris,

On January 5th, 1962 God sent us one of his angels. We accepted this great gift of parenthood and treasured you. We had no experience but you were a great teacher.

Our first lesson was unconditional love. We practiced until we got it because we were determined. Sometimes you challenged us and danced to your own music, and we loved you even more.

Our next lesson was courage….
-when you soared down the ski slopes
-drove you first car
-purchased a motorcycle
-and moved out on your own.

You have what it takes to conquer fear; "determination and courage". Little did we know that we would need these lessons to overcome life's challenges.

Unconditional love, determination and courage taught us compassion and acceptance. You touched the lives of many people who believe you are "special". You are a loving and fearless son, and we are very proud of you. You will be remembered and missed by all the hearts you touched.

Thank you for these lessons in life; we'll need them for the rest of our journey.

Love you,

Mom and Dad