OPPIDAN - #1 TBI Residential Living Program

OPPIDAN is the subsiduary company of FINR

At OPPIDAN Chris enjoyed the best years of his life following his TBI injury. Why? The answer is simple, they made him feel like a healthy man without any handicap. You have to see it to believe it. They created an atmosphere of family for each and every client and family members as well. OPPIDAN was truly considered our extended family in every sense. Chris loved the staff and clients as well. For the first time since his injury Chris would rather go on any of the daily group outings encouraged by OPPIDAN rather than hang out with his mom & dad. Not only was Chris a happy camper, we were happy as well to see his new found happiness. It was simply wonderful to hear Chris say, ‘see you later man’ and leave us behind.

It was Chris’ request to move to Florida. In addition to his being disenchanted with REMED with the way he was being treated, the harsh northern winters were also becoming more difficult for Chris. After researching a number of Florida residence facilities, together with Chris we selected the FINR / OPPIDAN program. However, the move proved to be more difficult than expected. Chris was used to a bit more freedom and FINR had a number of rules that made living there difficult for him. After deciding FINR was not working for us we agreed to try OPPIDAN. The OPPIDAN residence had 10 male and 2 female clients compared to the 120+ clients at FINR.

Initially Chris’ dissatisfaction with FINR carried forward to OPPIDAN. He just wanted out and wouldn’t cooperate. My wife and I were so disheartened we didn’t know what we could do to make it better. After discussing our dilemma with Frank Brenick he assured us things would work out and not to worry. He said their play on kindness, compassion and understanding would eventually get Chris’ to turn around. Frank was right on the money. It took a month or two and then one day out of the clear blue, Chris told us he loved OPPIDAN was very happy to be there. He also told us he was no longer angry with God and wanted us to move to Florida so we could enjoy life there as he did.

I can’t say enough about the philosophy and character of Frank Brennick and his wonderful family. They are exceptional people that have gone beyond the call of duty. They stood by our side and supported us throughout our ordeal. When times became difficult Frank stood strong to support us rather than take an easy alternatives. We are grateful and hope Franks’ philosophy will carry on so others will benefit when he may no longer be associated with OPPIDAN.

Cathy & Steve Silk